Photography 101

Have you bought a camera, been bought a camera or perhaps just want to learn a little bit more about what your camera is capable of? We’ve got just the thing. Join us for practical hints and tips on how to achieve the best results from your camera.

Whether it’s a point-and-shoot, a compact system camera (CSC), or a DSLR, there are lots things to consider when taking photos. In this 2-hour session, we’ll talk and walk you through some of the basics and help you take your images to the next level!

Topics include:


  • PASM – What do these settings actually do?
  • Click, look, delete. Click, look, delete – Pitfalls of Digital Photography
  • People, Plants, Landscapes, Holidays – It’s all about the light.
  • Don’t just keep it on the card…


It won’t be a lecture and you won’t be expected to take notes (though feel free to do so if you want!). Rather, it will be interactive, with as much emphasis as possible on taking images and hands-on learning.